Creating a Database

Before you can use a MySQL database you need to create it and a user to access it. You can do this from your Hosting control panel. When you create a database and username your Hosting control panel automatically prefixes them with your Hosting control panel username. Follow the steps below, replacing “user” with your Hosting control panel username.

  1. Login to your Hosting control panel
  2. Click MySQL Databases under the Databases tab
  3. Enter the database name in the New Database field
  4. Click Create Database
  5. Under Add New User type the username and a password and click Create User
  6. Under Add User To Database select the username and database and click Submit
  7. Select the permissions you would like to give to that user and click Make ChangesNow use the following details to connect to the database:
  8. Server: localhost
    User: user_me
    Database: user_db
    Password: The password you entered when you created user_me